Expo "Distel in de kijker" en Expo Marloes Wijtsma "secretly picked". WELKOM


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Wiea Duintjer

News & Events


In May and June OPEN on 3rd SUNDAY of the month from 2-6pm. WELCOME

Open on Sunday 21 May and 18 June from 2pm to 6pm


DISTEL in the spotlight

We invite you to the new exhibition :

    "DISTEL in the spotlight"

Some 40 works are on display, spread over the four floors. Be welcome !


Expo Marloes Wijtsma "secretly picked"

We managed to bring together the largest number of Marloes' works spread across the four floors.
Marloes : "My most recent works are the bouquets and blossoms. I made a contemporary translation of the Classical flower still lifes from the Golden Age by the Dutch masters. A dark background from which a beautifully lit flower arrangement flaunts itself. The paint flows, drips and splashes and, with my nose to the canvas, I draw the lines, flowers and leaves in great detail. I am a painter and a draughtsman."
Be welcome and enjoy.


MAKE AN AGREEMENT outside opening hours.

Make a non-binding appointment outside opening hours at your convenience , so you can discover the full collection in a casual atmosphere. We are always honoured with your visit!